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At the pharmacy

We are premium pharmacy partners. Our full-coverage sales force ensures optimum supply to all pharmacies and wholesalers in Austria. Through our partnership, we receive first-hand information that helps us to develop new products and continuously improve our range of services for pharmacies. We have worked hard for our success - but we have to earn it anew every day.


Advice on an equal footing

Our scientific sales force provides comprehensive background knowledge on the indications, studies, and ingredients of our products. We offer one of the strongest brand portfolios in Austria, ongoing product innovations, and attractive conditions. Our sales force provides experienced advice on ordering, supports with popular seasonal promotions, and offers sales-boosting marketing material at the same time. We also support pharmacies with individual sell-out campaigns.

Contemporary product and sales training for pharmacy teams

Competent customer advice in pharmacies has never been more important than it is today. In addition to in-depth specialist and public information, we therefore offer a special training program for advising pharmacy staff. Participants are free to choose: Short and snappy or complex and concentrated. Digital or on-site. In any case, the right mix. From activating checkout training to scientific lunch-and-learn, there is something for everyone.

Genuine service - competent and with a human touch

In addition to face-to-face customer care from our sales force, we offer our pharmacy partners an outstanding service center. Available monday to thursday from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., and friday from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m., our office team keeps close track of the needs of our pharmacy partners with a wealth of knowledge and commitment. Fast, smooth, and consistently reliable.

Cooperation with healthcare professionals

We have always worked closely with physicians. We also foster close contacts with selected ambulances and departments as well as numerous hospital pharmacies. This kind of trust is what distinguishes our company.


Acting ethically

An appropriate ethical distance and transparency in information exchange are top priorities for Gebro in its relationships with healthcare professionals.

Supporting continuous medical education

The exchange with colleagues and scientists is indispensable in the field of medicine for optimizing clinical guidelines-based therapy models. We support healthcare professionals in their educational activities by making our latest research findings and therapy information available. This takes place in the context of seminars, symposia, or congresses as well as in face-to-face dialog. We ensure the availability of high-quality specialist information and support the safe prescription of drugs for numerous indications.

Driving research and development

Engaging in dialog with healthcare professionals helps to improve the detection of potential risks associated with new therapies. It assists the protagonists of the healthcare system in fulfilling regulatory requirements. This close feedback also improves existing therapies and enables the evaluation of innovative treatment concepts.

Improving patient care

Patients must be able to rely on well-informed healthcare professionals when seeking advice on the possible effects and risks of their medications. This is why we specifically support fact-based patient education, safe drug prescribing, and controlled dispensing of prescription drugs via pharmacies through our work.


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